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Which two system components are verified during a pre-installation check for Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows? (Select two.)
A. shared disk storage compatibility
B. total physical memory
C. aggregate CPU performance
D. Active Directory
E. available installation disk space

Correct Answer: BE
What is the minimum permission required to install Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows?
A. Domain Administrator
B. Local Administrator
C. Domain Operator
D. Local User

Correct Answer: B
What is the default load balancing setting for the Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) Active/Active mode?
A. Balanced Path
B. Round-robin
C. Weighted Paths
D. Least Blocks

Correct Answer: C
Which feature is used to improve initial mirror synchronization time?
A. FastResync
B. SmartSnap
C. FastSync
D. SmartMove
Correct Answer: D
What are the two site-based allocations for the site-aware allocation feature? (Select two.)
A. site-separated allocation
B. site-based allocation
C. site-specific allocation
D. site-confined allocation
E. site-campus allocation
Correct Answer: AD
Which utility is used to back up the private region?
A. vxcbr
B. vxsnap
C. vxassist
D. vxdg

Correct Answer: A
Which feature is available when Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) is configured in secure mode?
A. SSL to encrypt communication between cluster nodes
B. a single sign-on mechanism to connect to a cluster
C. an isolated and secure environment for running applications
D. root broker configured in a stand-alone system outside cluster

Correct Answer: B
What is the recommended number of NICs per system to configure a two node cluster?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Correct Answer: B
Which utility is used to determine whether a network adapter maintains its connection status in a system-defined variable?
A. getmac
B. getcomms
C. NICTest
D. ping

Correct Answer: C
Which process enables the renaming of an imported dynamic disk group named DGName in Veritas Enterprise Administrator?
A. right-click on disk group object DGName, select rename Dynamic Disk Group, enter new name
B. select disk group object DGName, press F2, enter new name
C. right-click on disk object DGName, select Deport Dynamic Disk Group, enter new name
D. select disk group object DGName, select Import Dynamic Disk Group, enter new name
Correct Answer: A
Which MountV resource attribute should be set to reduce failover time?
A. AutoFSClean
B. CheckFSAccess
C. PurgeStaleMountPoints
D. ForceUnmount

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
Solutions for which application are available in the Storage Foundation – High Availability Solution Configuration Center?
A. Microsoft Hyper-V
B. Symantec Enterprise Vault
C. Symantec NetBackup
D. VMware vSphere

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 13
Which benefit specific to Campus clusters does Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Windows offer?
A. storage live migration
B. extended attributes
C. replicated data
D. site aware allocation

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 14
Which agent is used to configure high availability for a cluster aware application service if a specific Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) agent is unavailable?
A. Proxy agent
B. GenericService agent
C. Process agent
D. ServiceMonitor agent

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
Which command is used to validate recent changes made to the cluster configuration?
A. hasys -verify
B. haconf -verify
C. hacf -verify
D. hastatus璿erify

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 16
What is the minimum amount of memory required to make Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines highly available with Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows?
A. 2GB
B. 3GB
C. 4GB
D. 8GB

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
An application is under maintenance for a application update on Server2. The application administrator wants Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to keep the application running on Server2, but fault the service group and resource if a resource faults. Which service group attribute can accomplish this?
A. Priority
B. Evacuate
C. Frozen
D. Load

Correct Answer: C
Which disk group type is required for Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows to work with a Microsoft Failover Cluster?
A. Cluster Dynamic disk group
B. Private Dynamic disk group
C. Secondary Dynamic disk group
D. Primary Dynamic disk group

Correct Answer: A
An administrator is designing a cluster in a Microsoft Windows environment with three systems. Two of the systems are on the Class C public network. The third system is on the Class B public network. The administrator needs to have Microsoft Windows clients access the service groups independent of the system on which they are running. Which feature or change must be incorporated into the design?
A. use the Lanman resource in each service group
B. change the servers so they all reside on the same subnet
C. change the servers so they all use the same subnet class
D. use the subnet resource in each service group

Correct Answer: A
What are two different ways to perform an upgrade for a Veritas cluster? (Select two.)
A. parallel upgrade
B. offline upgrade
C. online upgrade
D. rolling upgrade
E. tiered upgrade

Correct Answer: AD
A service group is in a fully online state. What will occur if an administrator temporarily freezes the group and a resource faults?
A. The resource enters a faulted state and the group enters a partial state.
B. The resource enters a partial state and the group attempts to fail over.
C. The resource enters a partial state and the group enters a partial state.
D. The resource enters a faulted state and the group attempts to fail over.
Correct Answer: A
An administrator notices that a disk in a disk group is tagged as Foreign. In which disk group is the Foreign disk located?
A. Dynamic disk group
B. Private disk group
C. Unknown disk group
D. Basic disk group

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 23
An administrator notices that the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) sends SNMP notification about monitor timeouts only for the first monitor timeout. To tune SNMP notification, the administrator changes the AlertOnMonitorTimeOut from its default value of 0 to 5. What will be the effect of this change?
A. VCS sends SNMP notification at fifth monitor timeout.
B. VCS sends SNMP notification at each fifth consecutive monitor timeouts.
C. VCS sends SNMP notification at the first five consecutive monitor timeouts.
D. VCS sends SNMP notification at the first and each fifth consecutive monitor timeouts.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 24
Which benefit does Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows bring to stand-alone server environments that share storage between multiple hosts?
A. Private disk groups
B. Multiple disk groups
C. Primary disk groups
D. Foreign disk groups

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
Which wizard is used to move data or volumes to disks that have improved performance?
A. Volume Migration Wizard
B. Disk Migration Wizard
C. Data Migration Wizard
D. Storage Migration Wizard

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 26
A service group is online with values for both Frozen and TFrozen set to 0. A child resource faults and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) fails to bring down the configured parent resources. Which default attribute value should be investigated?
A. FaultPropagation
B. ManageFaults
C. Critical
D. ToleranceLimit

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 27
A Dynamic disk group import fails and a message is displayed indicating that it is marked as in- use by another node. Which action will resolve the situation?
A. confirm that it is a resource in a cluster and import it with the ‘Import as cluster disk group’ option checked
B. confirm that it is deported on all other nodes and import it with the ‘Clear host ID’ option checked
C. confirm that its disks are unshared with other nodes and import it with the -f option from the command line
D. confirm that its cluster resources are deleted and import it with the -s option from the command line

Correct Answer: B
An administrator configures a cluster that has over 10 VMDg resources. Which resource type attribute does Symantec recommend be tuned?
A. EPPriority
B. NumThreads
C. MonitorInterval
D. RestartLimit

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the service group definition displayed below. group SG1 ( SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB } AutoStartList = { SystemA } ) FileOnOff tmp_file01_txt ( PathName = “C:\\tmp\\file01.txt” ) Which service group attribute should an administrator consider for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to ignore resource failures within the service group SG1?
A. ManualOps
B. ManageFaults
C. IntentOnline
D. Responding

Correct Answer: B
An administrator noticed a FAULTED state on a critical resource. Which step must the administrator take before clearing the FAULTED state?
A. manually probe the resource
B. ensure the resource is offline
C. wait for the OfflineMonitorInterval
D. ensure the resource is online
Correct Answer: B
What is a benefit of an active/active cluster configuration?
A. Applications with different I/O and memory requirements run on the same system properly.
B. Each server is configured to run a specific application.
C. Applications only run on a primary server.
D. Multiple applications that run on the same system always co-exist properly.

Correct Answer: B
How many default instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 can be online on the same system in a two node cluster?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 25
D. 50

Correct Answer: A
Where are the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) logs found on a system in a cluster?
A. %VCS_HOME%\log
B. %VCS_ROOT%\log
C. %VCS_HOME%\conf\log
D. %VCS_ROOT%\conf\log

Correct Answer: A
Where are log messages found in the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)?
A. select View > Error Console
B. select File > Error Console
C. select Actions > Error Console
D. select Tools > Error Console
Correct Answer: D
Which requirement must be met when implementing a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) environment?
A. The processors in every clustered node must be the same make, model, and architecture.
B. Clustered resources must be able to run simultaneously across all cluster nodes.
C. Clustered applications must be able to restart to a known state after a failure.
D. The disks must be SCSI-3 compliant and accessible by all clustered nodes.
Correct Answer: C
Refer to the exhibit.

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