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New Cisco CCNP (SISE) 300-715 Dumps – Practice Test

300-715 Dumps Practice Test

New Cisco CCNP (SISE) 300-715 dumps offer the new 300-715 practice test to take you through the exam with ease.

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Do you really understand the Cisco 300-715 SISE exam?

The Cisco 300-715 SISE exam is a professional certification exam launched by Cisco Systems, Inc., which is a highly scrambled exam for Cybersecurity Engineers, Cybersecurity Architects, ISE Administrators, Senior Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel responsible for incident response, Cisco integrators, and partners.

This includes knowledge and skills in:

  • Architecture & Deployment
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Web authentication and guest services
  • analyzer
  • Bring your own device
  • Endpoint compliance
  • Network access device management

In conclusion, the Cisco 300-715 SISE exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the Cisco Identity Services Engine, for those engaged in CCNP security for professionals working in secure identity management implementations, earning this certification will help them improve their professional competence and competitiveness.

Exam NameImplementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine(SISE)
Duration90 minutes
Number of Questions55-65
Passing ScoreVariable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)
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Popular exam questions, about the 300-715 SISE (We’ve got you covered)

Can I take CCNP 300-715 without a CCNA?

Is CCNP 300-715 Still Worth It in 2024?

Well worth it. Building on the fundamentals covered in the CCNA, the CCNP is a more advanced certification that is highly sought after by hiring managers. In addition to allowing you to focus on a specific area of interest, the 300-715 exam will significantly improve your career prospects.

How to prepare for the 300-715 exam efficiently?

When preparing for the exam, it is recommended that candidates: fully understand the exam content and requirements, develop a study plan, focus on practical operations, and do more practice tests.

How to pass the exam using Cisco CCNP (SISE) 300-715 dumps?

You can get them from Pass4itSure. Then practice the new 300-715 practice tests inside and use them wisely.

With the questions answered, it’s time to move on to the topic and share the free 300-715 dumps practice test.

New Cisco CCNP (SISE) 300-715 dumps practice test shared online

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Pass4itSure Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)14/28More…Cisco CCNP exam
New Q14:

A network engineer needs to ensure that the access credentials are not exposed during the 802.1x authentication among components. Which two protocols should complete this task? (Choose two.)






Correct Answer: BD

New Q15:

What are two components of the posture requirement when configuring Cisco ISE posture? (Choose two)

A. updates

B. remediation actions

C. Client Provisioning portal

D. conditions

E. access policy

Correct Answer: BD

New Q16:

Which Cisco ISE service allows an engineer to check the compliance of endpoints before connecting to the network?

A. personas

B. Qualys

C. expose

D. posture

Correct Answer: D


Posture is a service in the Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE) that allows you to check the state, also known as posture, of all the endpoints that are connecting to a network for compliance with corporate security policies. This allows you to control clients to access protected areas of a network.

New Q17:

An administrator needs to allow guest devices to connect to a private network without requiring usernames and passwords. Which two features must be configured to allow for this? (Choose two.)

A. hotspot guest portal

B. device registration WebAuth

C. central WebAuth

D. local WebAuth

E. self-registered guest portal

Correct Answer: AB

New Q18:

An engineer is using the low-impact mode of phased deployment of Cisco ISE and is trying to connect to the network prior to the authentication, which access will be denied in this deployment?





Correct Answer: C

New Q19:

An administrator enables the profiling service for Cisco ISE to be used for authorization policies while in closed mode. When the endpoints connect, they receive limited access so that the profiling probes can gather information and Cisco ISE can assign the correct profiles. They are using the default values within Cisco ISE. but the devices do not change their access due to the new profile. What is the problem?

A. In closed mode, profiling does not work unless CDP is enabled.

B. The profiling probes are not able to collect enough information to change the device profile

C. The profiler feed is not downloading new information so the profiler is inactive

D. The default profiler configuration is set to No CoA for the reauthentication setting

Correct Answer: D

New Q20:

An engineer is testing low-impact mode for a phased deployment of Cisco ISE. Which type of traffic is denied when a host tries to connect to the network prior to authentication?





Correct Answer: D

New Q21:

A user is attempting to register a BYOD device to the Cisco ISE deployment but needs to use the onboarding policy to request a digital certificate and provision the endpoint. What must be configured to accomplish this task?

A. A native supplicant provisioning policy to redirect them to the BYOD portal for onboarding

B. The Cisco AnyConnect provisioning policy to provision the endpoint for onboarding

C. The BYOD flow to ensure that the endpoint will be provisioned prior to registering

D. The posture provisioning policy to give the endpoint all necessary components prior to registering

Correct Answer: A

New Q22:

What does a fully distributed Cisco ISE deployment include?

A. PAN and PSN are on the same node while MnTs are on their own dedicated nodes.

B. PAN and MnT are on the same node while PSNs are on their own dedicated nodes.

C. All Cisco ISE personas on their own dedicated nodes.

D. All Cisco ISE personas share the same node.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: CCNP Security Identity Management SISE 300-715 Official Cert Guide, Chapter 6, Page 117, Figure 6-4. In a fully distributed deployment, each persona is on it\’s own dedicated node. This is the only deployment model that allows you to scale beyond the 5 PSNs.


New Q23:

An administrator connects an HP printer to a dot1x enable port, but the printer in not accessible Which feature must the administrator enable to access the printer?

A. MAC authentication bypass

B. change of authorization

C. TACACS authentication

D. RADIUS authentication

Correct Answer: A


New Q24:

A laptop was stolen and a network engineer added it to the block list endpoint identity group What must be done on a new Cisco ISE deployment to redirect the laptop and restrict access?

A. Select DenyAccess within the authorization policy.

B. Ensure that access to port 8443 is allowed within the ACL.

C. Ensure that access to port 8444 is allowed within the ACL.

D. Select DROP under If Auth fails within the authentication policy.

Correct Answer: C


New Q25:

What gives Cisco ISE an option to scan endpoints for vulnerabilities?

A. authorization policy

B. authentication policy

C. authentication profile

D. authorization profile

Correct Answer: A

New Q26:

MacOS users are complaining about having to read through wordy instructions when remediating their workstations to gam access to the network Which alternate method should be used to tell users how to remediate?

A. URL link

B. message text

C. executable

D. file distribution

Correct Answer: A


New Q27:

An engineer is designing a new distributed deployment for Cisco ISE in the network and is considering failover options for the admin nodes. There is a need to ensure that an admin node is available for the configuration of policies at all times. What is the requirement to enable this feature?

A. one primary admin and one secondary admin node in the deployment

B. one policy services node and one secondary admin node

C. one policy services node and one monitoring and troubleshooting node

D. one primary admin node and one monitoring and troubleshooting node

Correct Answer: A

New Q28:

Which valid external identity source can be used with Cisco ISE?

A. IPsec vpn authentication

B. smart card

C. local user name and password

D. TACACS+ token

Correct Answer: B

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