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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

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The creation of an Exception Plan often follows which of the following situations?
A. A time or cost slippage occurring during a management stage
B. An Exception Report being submitted to the Project Board in the case of a management stage being forecast to exceed its tolerance
C. A Stage Plan updated due to an urgent corrective action being taken by the Project Manager
D. A newly identified risk being captured and documented in the Risk Register
200-155 exam Correct Answer: B
What type of progress control is a Checkpoint Report?
A. Event-driven
B. Exception-based
C. Time-driven
D. Ad hoc-based
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT within the authority of the Project Board?
A. Approve the End Project Report
B. Set Stage-level tolerance
C. Approve Stage Plans
D. Set project-level tolerance
200-155 dumps Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is a Project Board control?
A. Project-level tolerance
B. Stage-level tolerance
C. Checkpoint Report
D. Quality Register
Correct Answer: B
Which level of management in the project management team has the ability to review progress and decide whether to continue, change or stop the project?
A. Project Manager
B. Project Board
C. Team Manager
D. Corporate or programme management
200-155 pdf Correct Answer: B
There should be at least two management stages in a PRINCE2 project. Which of the following options
describes those stages?
A. Initiation as the first stage, the remainder of the project as the second stage
B. Initiation as the first stage, closure activities as the second stage
C. Procurement as the first stage, design and implementation as the second stage
D. Pre-project work as the first stage, initiation as the second stage
Correct Answer: A
Please refer to section in the PRINCE2 Manual. (Exception Plans are only produced if requested
by the Project Board. Team Plans and the use of seperate people as Team Managers are optional in
A. Use of Team Managers
B. Use of management stages
C. Use of Exception Plans
D. Use of Team Plans
200-155 vce Correct Answer: B
The Project Board have overall control at what level?
A. Day-to-day control for a management stage within stage tolerance
B. Work Package level within Work Package tolerance

C. Project level within project tolerance
D. All levels of plans and tolerances
Correct Answer: C
What name is given to the permissible deviation allowed above and below a plan’s target for time and cost without escalating the deviation to the next level of management?
A. Concession
B. Tolerance
C. Contingency
D. Allowance
200-155 exam Correct Answer: B
If any type of issue or risk (or aggregation of them) cannot be resolved within the tolerances set by the
Project Board, which of the following products would first be sent to the Project Board to inform them of
this deviation?
A. Exception Report
B. End Stage Report
C. Highlight Report
D. Updated Risk and Issue Registers
Correct Answer: A
Tolerance forms a key element of allowing the Project Board to manage by exception. Which of the
following statements are correct regarding tolerance?
1. The Project Board sets project tolerances
2. Tolerances can be applied for Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Benefit and Risk
3. The Project Manager sets Work Package tolerance
4. Cost tolerance should not be used to pay for authorized requests for change
A. 1,2,3
B. 1,2,4
C. 1,3,4
D. 2,3,4
200-155 dumps Correct Answer: D
When it is forecast that one or more tolerances are to be exceeded, what should happen first?
A. The next higher level of management will begin to execute management by exception
B. The appropriate level of management must refer the matter to the next higher level
C. The Project Plan will be replaced by a fallback plan
D. The appropriate level of management will automatically produce and execute an Exception Plan to
recover from the deviation without referral
Correct Answer: B
Which product produced by the Project Manager would contain information on ‘products completed in the period’?
A. Product Status Account
B. Checkpoint Report
C. Highlight Report
D. Exception Report
200-155 pdf Correct Answer: C
Which product would the Project Manager use for gathering Work Package progress information?
A. Highlight Report
B. Daily Log
C. Checkpoint Report
D. Product Status Account
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is FALSE regarding an Exception Report?
A. It describes a forecast deviation of stage or project level tolerance
B. It contains recovery options and a recommendation
C. It replaces a Stage Plan or Project Plan
D. It describes the consequences of the deviation
200-155 vce Correct Answer: C
Which product produced at project closure would document any unfinished work, ongoing issues and risks?
A. Project closure notification
B. Benefits Review Plan
C. End Project Report
D. Risk Register
Correct Answer: C
Which product would contain information on project and stage tolerance status, products completed during the period and a summary of actual or potential problems and risks?
A. Product Status Account
B. Communication Management Strategy
C. Highlight Report
D. Risk Register
200-155 exam Correct Answer: C
What is a purpose of a Lessons Log?
A. Document and maintain information on issues
B. Note who should be sent copies of a Highlight Report
C. Note information from other projects which could be input to the project’s strategies and plans
D. Document the results of quality checking activities

200-155 dumps Correct Answer: C
Please refer to A.9 in the PRINCE2 Manual. (A summary of issues and risks would be included but the
End Stage Report is not used to ‘capture and maintain’ information regarding issues and risks. This would
be in the respective Registers.)
A. Capture and maintain information regarding issues and risks
B. Document the project’s acceptance criteria
C. Escalate a stage-level tolerance threat to the Project Board
D. Give a summary of progress to date
 Correct Answer: D

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