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Exam Code: 210-065
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0
Q&As: 281

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210-065 dumps

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Question No : 3 Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps

A network engineer configures a Cisco Unified Communications Manager and VCS
integration via a SIP trunk. Endpoint A is able to conduct video calls to Endpoint B. When
Endpoint A attempts to share presentation content with Endpoint B, Endpoint B sees the
presentation video on the main screen rather than on the presentation display. What is the

A. The default MTP telephony payload is incorrect.
B. The SIP trunk is not running on all active Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C. MTP is not forced to be required.
D. BFCP is not enabled.
E. The MTP preferred codec is incorrect for content presentation.
210-065 exam Answer: D
Question No : 4 The firmware for the primary codec of a Cisco TelePresence System 3010 is being
upgraded. Which codec CLI command could be used to check on the progress of the
A. utils upgrade display
B. utils system version
C. show upgrade detail
D. show system upgrade
Answer: C
Question No : 5 An engineer is creating a system backup on a Cisco VCS. Which two options describe
characteristics of Cisco VCS backups? (Choose two.)
A. The backup can be sent to the remote SFTP server.
B. The backup can be encrypted with a password.
C. The backup can be sent to additional servers in the cluster.
D. The backup is valid for 30 days.
E. The backup is stored in Cisco TMS.
F. The backup is only downloadable locally.
210-065 dumps Answer: B,F
Question No : 7 Cisco TMS is unable to manage endpoints and an engineer is required to capture logs to
determine the cause. What is the menu path that the engineer should follow to capture and
download logs from Cisco TMS?
A. Administrative Tools > Diagnostics > TMS Tickets
B. Administrative Tools > TMS Server Maintenance > Download Diagnostic Files
C. Systems > Navigator > Diagnostics > Download Diagnostic Files
D. Systems > Navigator > TMS Logs
Answer: B
Question No : 8 A Cisco TelePresence VCS displays this alarm: “Root password is set to default.” How can
this security warning be addressed?
A. Use the Cisco TelePresence VCS web user interface, choose Administration > User
Settings, and change the root password.
B. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Administrator and issue the
command xconfig root set passwd.
C. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Root, issue the command set
password, and enter the new password when prompted.
D. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Root, issue the command passwd,
and enter the new password when prompted.
E. Use the Cisco TelePresence VCS web user interface, choose Administration > System
Settings, and change the root password.
210-065 pdf Answer: D
Which statement describes the iSCSI protocol?
A. SCSI over ATA
B. SCSI over IP
C. IP over SCSI
D. ATA over SCSI
Correct Answer: B
You work as a network administrator at You study the exhibit carefully. In the environment
shown in the exhibit, the storage devices are RAID-1 protected. Which two components are Single Points
of Failure?

A. Switch and Storage Array Port
B. Host and Switch
C. Storage Array Port and Storage Device
D. HBA and Host
210-065 vce Correct Answer: A
What is the basic unit of storage in a CAS implementation?
A. Frame

B. Object
C. File
D. Block
Correct Answer: B
What is a SAN availability management task?
A. Configuring redundant fabrics
B. Replicating logical volumes
C. LUN masking
D. Monitoring port status
210-065 exam Correct Answer: A
What is a disadvantage of a Fibre Channel hub when compared to a Fibre Channel switch?
A. Limited performance
B. Larger footprint
C. Higher cost
D. Limited interoperability
Correct Answer: A
When is it necessary to hold application I/O to ensure a consistent copy?
A. Just before creating a point in time replica
B. Only when an application spans multiple storage arrays
C. Just after creating a point in time replica
D. Only when an application spans multiple hosts
210-065 dumps Correct Answer: A
Which component of EMC Symmetric array provides physical connectivity to hosts?
A. Back-end adapter
B. Front-end adapter
C. Cache
D. Storage Processor
Correct Answer: B
Which service is used by iSCSI initiators to discover targets?
210-065 pdf Correct Answer: C
Data is being replicated from site A to site B using disk buffering to create extended distance consistent
point in time copies every hour. In the event of a site failure at A, what is the maximum amount of data that
will be missing at site B?
A. 2 hours
B. 1 hour
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours
Correct Answer: A
What is the CLARiiON software component that controls storage visibility to hosts?
A. Access Logix
B. SnapView
D. MirrorView
210-065 vce Correct Answer: A
What is the process that writes physical address information to a disk?
A. Partitioning
B. Formatting
C. Concatenating
D. Striping
Correct Answer: B
Which topology increases connectivity within the SAN while conserving overall port utilization?
A. Partial Mesh
B. Arbitrated Loop
C. Core Edge
D. Full Mesh
210-065 exam Correct Answer: C
Which tool can be used to view the logical and physical topology of an MDS SAN?
A. Switch Manager
B. Device Manager
D. Fabric Manager
Correct Answer: D

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