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How is a policy applied to files found in Network Discover scans?
A. By assigning policy groups to the scan target
B. By choosing the correct policies in the scan target
C. By assigning policies to the Network Discover Server
D. By choosing the correct detection servers to run the scans

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 23
How can an incident responder remediate multiple incidents simultaneously?
A. By selecting a Smart Response on the Incident Snapshot page
B. By selecting an Automated Response on an Incident List report
C. By selecting a Smart Response on an Incident List report
D. By selecting the Find Similar command on the Incident Snapshot page

Correct Answer: C
Which Network Protect feature is a system administrator unable to configure?
A. Ability to copy files
B. Ability to restore files
C. Location of quarantined files
D. Content of the file marker

Correct Answer: B
Which Storage Foundation feature is used to send data changes to a remote site via an IP network?
A. Volume Replicator
B. Storage Replicator
C. NetBackup
D. Replication Exec

Correct Answer: C
What is a characteristic of an application that is to be clustered with Veritas Cluster Server?
A. It must have the ability to be monitored.
B. It must have the ability to store all required data and configuration information on shared disks.
C. It must have the ability to store all required data on SATA disks.
D. It must have the ability to copy configuration information between cluster nodes.

Correct Answer: A
Which two capabilities must an application have in order to be made highly available using Veritas Cluster Server? (Select two.)
A. The ability to monitor each instance of the application independently
B. The ability to be installed on shared storage
C. The ability to determine if the application is running
D. The ability to notify the administrator of the state
E. The ability to disconnect users from the application
Correct Answer: AC
How does a system administrator verify that a Network Monitor Server is healthy?
A. By checking Incident Queue and Message Wait Time on the System Overview page
B. By verifying the configuration details of the System Settings page
C. By determining whether system alert message emails are generated or received
D. By reviewing the results of the Environmental Check Utility (ECU)
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 29
Which two traffic feed sources should be used for Network Monitor? (Select two.)
A. Test Access Port (TAP)
B. trunking port on a hub
C. Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) port
D. router LAN port
E. tunneled port on a VPN router

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 30
An administrator is configuring another application service in high availability. The application’s logical IP address will rely on the same NIC used by the ClusterService service group. Data will be stored on raw devices.
Which types of resources should the administrator consider to configure in the service group?
A. Application, File System, Volume, Disk Group, IP, NIC
B. Application, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Proxy
C. Application, File System, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Proxy
D. Application, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Phantom

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 31
Which product can replace a confidential document residing on a public share with a Marker File explaining why the document was removed?
A. Network Prevent
B. Network Protect
C. Network Monitor
D. Network Discover

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
During testing, an administrator configures a Network Discover target to identify and quarantine confidential files. The target is set up with a Default credential that has read-only permissions on the file server. After running the scan and checking the results, the administrator finds several incidents from the scan, but observes that all confidential files are still in their original location, and the configured quarantine directory is empty (contains none of the confidential files).
Which two Discover target configuration mistakes might be causing the problem? (Select two.)
A. The sharelist excludes all directories on the host being scanned.
B. The Quarantine/Copy Share credentials are invalid.
C. The Default credentials are invalid.
D. The Copy option is selected.
E. The Protect credential is unspecified.

Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 33
Which two characteristics must be present when preparing an application to be configured for high availability using Veritas Cluster Server? (Select two.)
A. Ability to run on multiple independent servers
B. Remote monitoring capability
C. Data stored on internal disks
D. Well-defined start and stop procedures
E. Refresh capability after sudden failures

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 34
An administrator is planning to migrate a locally hosted application to high availability. Data migration on the shared storage has been properly completed.
Which two actions must the administrator perform for the storage in order to complete the configuration of the application service? (Select two.)
A. configure the operating system to automatically mount the file systems involved
B. configure the MountPoint, BlockDevice, FSType, and FsckOpt attributes for all the file systems involved
C. link the application resource to the file system resources, with appropriate dependencies
D. unconfigure the operating system to automatically mount the file systems involved
E. set up the appropriate file system contention mechanism in the correct sequence

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 35
An administrator is planning to configure a new application service in a Veritas cluster. In the case of an application failure, the company requires that the node with the fewest running service groups be selected as the failover target.
Which failover policy should the administrator implement to achieve this requirement?
A. Priority
B. RoundRobin
C. Quorum
D. Prerequisites

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 36
Which data locations should an organization scan first?
A. Private individual directories
B. Centralized repositories
C. Password protected shares
D. Regionalized repositories

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
Which detection method is used for fingerprinting and protecting unstructured data, such as source code documents or merger and acquisition documents?
A. Exact Data Matching (EDM)
B. Directory Group Matching (DGM)
C. Indexed Document Matching (IDM)
D. Described Content Matching (DCM)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
The log files used to verify that a custom application is being properly monitored are located in which directory?
A. /var/VRTSvcs/log/
B. /opt/VRTSvcs/log/
C. /var/VRTSvcs/agent/log/
D. /opt/VRTSvcs/agent/log/

Correct Answer: B
What should be considered before enabling the Preventing Concurrency Violation (ProPCV) attribute in a service group?
A. The MonitorProgram attribute must be configured for the Application resource type.
B. The MonitorProcesses attribute must be configured for the Application resource type.
C. The Mode value for the IMF attribute of the Application type resource is set to 1.
D. The ProPCV attribute is prevented from being changed when the service group is active.

Correct Answer: B
What are two resource types that Proxy resources can reference? (Select two.)
C. Quorum
E. ElifNone

Correct Answer: AE
On a cluster, what does the following command display?
Hares -display -ovalues
A. all online resource attributes
B. all overridden resource attributes
C. all uncommitted resource attributes
D. all default resource attributes

Correct Answer: B
Which two actions can be taken to determine whether an application clustered with Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) has been successfully started or stopped? (Select two.)
A. Examine the online log file
B. Examine the engine log file
C. View the Security Log from the VCS Java GUI
D. View the Log Desk from the VCS Java GUI
E. View the Application_A.log file
Correct Answer: BD
Which resource type creates a dependency between applications that are configured in different Veritas Cluster Server clusters?
A. Proxy
B. RemoteGroup
C. Phantom
D. Application

Correct Answer: B
What is the primary benefit of implementing the Intelligent Monitoring Framework feature for resources?
A. Prevention of concurrency violations
B. Monitoring of resources running on remote clusters
C. Immediate notification of resource state change
D. Monitoring of resources without need of configuration

Correct Answer: C
How is Intelligent Monitoring Framework configured?
A. It is automatically configured but only on supported agents.
B. It is automatically configured on all agents.
C. It needs to be manually configured on each agent.
D. It needs to be manually configured on each cluster node.

Correct Answer: A
On which system can you set UseMpathd=1 in a MultiNICB resource?
A. Solaris
B. Linux

Correct Answer: D
Which resource type attribute enables Veritas Cluster Server to bring a resource online after it goes offline unexpectedly before faulting the resource?
A. RestartLimit
B. RetryLimit
C. AutoRestartLimit
D. AutoRestart

Correct Answer: A
Given a service group with all resources online, what should be done to prevent the top resource in a dependency tree from causing a failover when it is taken offline outside the cluster?
A. Freeze the resource
B. Disable the dependency links for the resource
C. Set the Critical attribute for the resource to 0
D. Freeze the node

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 49
What is the main benefit of installing and using the Symantec Management Platform for managing DLP Agents?
A. The ability to supervise how agents are used
B. The ability to view the health status of the agents
C. The ability to reconfigure the agent filters
D. The ability to easily manage agents remotely

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 50
When setting different severity levels, which level should be set as the default?
A. The highest level available in the system
B. The lowest level available in the system
C. The lowest level the policy manager wants to assign
D. The highest level the policy manager wants to assign

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
Which actions are required to enable a service group to run on all systems in a cluster simultaneously?
A. Run the hagrp -modify [service group] Parallel 1 command and the service group will automatically restart on all systems
B. Take the service group offline, add all cluster systems to the AutoStartList, and bring the service group back online with the -all option
C. Stop Veritas Cluster Server, edit to turn the Parallel attribute on, add all cluster systems to the AutoStartList, and restart Veritas Cluster Server
D. Stop Veritas Cluster Server, edit so the service group AutoStartList attribute includes all cluster systems, and restart Veritas Cluster Server

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 52
Which type of resources are considered by Veritas Cluster Server when determining whether a service group is online?
A. OnOnly
B. OnOff
C. Persistent
D. None

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 53
Which characteristic of Veritas Cluster Server attributes allows the public interface to be different for each of the systems in the cluster?
A. Global
B. Local
C. Custom
D. Proxy

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54
What happens when a DLP Agent is unable to connect to its preferred Endpoint Server?
A. If any detection server in the system is running, the agent automatically connects to it after a period of time.
B. If any Endpoint Server is running, the agent automatically connects to it after a period of time.
C. If any Endpoint Server is running, and if the agent is configured to recognize it, the agent connects to it after a period of time.
D. If any detection server is running, and if the agent is configured to recognize it, the agent connects to it after a period of time.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 55
Which statement describes a DLP Agent encryption feature?
A. The key size is standard and unconfigurable.
B. The key is randomly generated for the agent store.
C. The system administrator can generate a unique authentication key.
D. DLP Agent-to-server communication uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 56
How can a system administrator obtain the log files for a detection server? (Select three.)
A. Run the Log Collection Utility (LCU)
B. Navigate to the logs directory
C. Click Fetch Latest on the Server Detail page
D. Select Logs under Administration node
E. Download logs from the System Overview page

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 57
Where can an incident responder view all actions that have occurred for an incident?
A. Incident Snapshot
B. Auditlog Table
C. Incident Actions
D. System Events

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 58
Refer to the following service group example:
group websg (
SystemList = { sym1 = 0, sym2 = 1 }
AutoStart = 0
AutoStartList = { sym2 }

DiskGroup webdg (
DiskGroup = webdg

IP webip (
Device = eth0

Address = “”
NetMask = “”

Mount webmnt (
MountPoint = “/web1”
BlockDevice = “/dev/vx/dsk/webdg/webvol”
FSType = vxfs
MountOpt = rw
FsckOpt = “-y”

NIC webnic (
Device = eth0

Application webproc (
MonitorProgram = “/usr/local/bin/web -monitor”
StartProgram = “/usr/local/bin/web -start”
StopProgram = “/usr/local/bin/web -stop”

webip requires webproc
webproc requires webmnt
webip requires webnic
webmnt requires webdg

Which resource will start online last?

A. webip
B. webmnt
C. webproc
D. webdg

Correct Answer: A
An application is experiencing failures. The application administrator wants Veritas Cluster Server to take all resources offline after failure. The application should remain offline.
Which attribute can accomplish this?
A. ManageFaults
B. FailOverPolicy
C. AutoFailover
D. Critical

Correct Answer: C
Which three statements apply to communication between the Enforce Server and detection servers? (Select three.)
A. By default, the Enforce Server and the detection servers communicate over port 8100.
B. Port 3389 must be open between the Enforce Server and the detection servers.
C. The same port number must be used for all detection servers.
D. The servers can be configured to use any port higher than 1024.
E. IPSec must be configured on the Enforce Server and the detection servers.

Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 61
Which service group attribute enables specifying preferred nodes for failover?
A. SystemZones
B. AutostartList
C. ClusterList
D. IntentionalOnlineList

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 62
Which two are default behaviors of Veritas Cluster Server service groups? (Select two.)
A. Migrate service groups from a system on intentional system shutdown
B. Start the service groups in lexical order
C. AutoDisable the service groups on cluster startup
D. AutoDisable the service groups on a system when all low priority links fail
E. Start the service groups in the order of the attribute SystemList

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 63
System capacity and service group load are the main components for which FailOverPolicy?
A. Load
B. Order
C. Limit
D. Capacity

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64
Consider the following configuration:
group websg (
SystemList = { sym1 = 1, sym2 = 2 }
AutoStartList = { sym1 }
Frozen = 1

While websg is online, all of the systems in the cluster are rebooted simultaneously. All of the systems
finish booting and successfully join the cluster.

What will happen to the websg service group?

A. It will unfreeze on reboot and start on sym1.
B. It will remain offline on all systems.
C. It will resume its state before the reboot.
D. It will start on sym1 in a frozen state.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 65
The service group named websg is currently online on the sym3 node. All other nodes are running.

Consider the following partial definition:
Group websg (
SystemList = { sym1=0, sym2=1, sym3=2 }
AutoStartList = {sym2, sym3 }
FailOverPolicy = Priority

The operator incorrectly shuts down a critical resource in the websg service group outside of Veritas
Cluster Server.

Based on the information provided, what will happen to the websg service group?

A. It will remain partially online on the sym3 node.
B. It will switch to the sym1 node.
C. It will switch to the sym2 node.
D. It will restart on sym3 node.

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