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You work as a network administrator at Certpaper.com. You study the exhibit carefully. Identify the HBA
and F port in the SAN Core/Edge exhibit.
A. 7 and 1
B. 7 and 5
C. 4 and 5
D. 6 and 3

Correct Answer: B
Why is tracking changes to the source and target devices recommended after creation of point in time replica?
A. Reduces the Recovery Time Objective for restart operations from the target
B. Speeds up the re-synchronization of the source and target
C. Speeds up the initial synchronization of the source and target
D. Reduces the Recovery Point Objective for restart operations from the target
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3

What does a cache dirty bit flag?
A. Changed data not yet written to disk
B. Data read from disk but not accessed by the host
C. Changed data written to disk
D. Data requested by host but not yet fetched

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
Which remote replication solution has the lowest bandwidth requirement?
A. Log shipping over IP networks
B. Array based synchronous replication
C. Asynchronous ordered writes
D. Host based LVM Mirroring

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
An application uses ten 9 GB Devices. A pointer based replica of the application is required every 4 hours. Each replica will be kept for 24 hours. The data changes by 10% every 4 hours. How many replica devices are required?
A. 10
B. 90
C. 6
D. 60
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
What is a remote replication solution on EMC Symmetrix Arrays?
A. SnapView
B. EMC TimeFinder/Mirror
D. MirrorView/A

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
What is a benefit of a NAS Solution?
A. Introduces block level I/O to the networked environment
B. Enables the ability to share data across platforms
C. Improved network bandwidth
D. Improved network performance

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
What is a logical component of a storage environment?
A. Storage array
B. Bus
C. Memory
D. Application

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
Which statement describes the iSCSI protocol?
A. SCSI over ATA
B. SCSI over IP
C. IP over SCSI
D. ATA over SCSI

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
You work as a network administrator at Certpaper.com. You study the exhibit carefully. In the environment
shown in the exhibit, the storage devices are RAID-1 protected. Which two components are Single Points
of Failure?

A. Switch and Storage Array Port
B. Host and Switch
C. Storage Array Port and Storage Device
D. HBA and Host

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11
What is the basic unit of storage in a CAS implementation?
A. Frame
B. Object
C. File
D. Block

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
What is a SAN availability management task?
A. Configuring redundant fabrics
B. Replicating logical volumes
C. LUN masking
D. Monitoring port status

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13
What is a disadvantage of a Fibre Channel hub when compared to a Fibre Channel switch?
A. Limited performance
B. Larger footprint
C. Higher cost
D. Limited interoperability

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
When is it necessary to hold application I/O to ensure a consistent copy?
A. Just before creating a point in time replica
B. Only when an application spans multiple storage arrays
C. Just after creating a point in time replica
D. Only when an application spans multiple hosts

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
Which component of EMC Symmetric array provides physical connectivity to hosts?
A. Back-end adapter
B. Front-end adapter
C. Cache
D. Storage Processor

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 16
Which service is used by iSCSI initiators to discover targets?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
Data is being replicated from site A to site B using disk buffering to create extended distance consistent point in time copies every hour. In the event of a site failure at A, what is the maximum amount of data that will be missing at site B?
A. 2 hours
B. 1 hour
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours

Correct Answer: A
What is the CLARiiON software component that controls storage visibility to hosts?
A. Access Logix
B. SnapView
D. MirrorView

Correct Answer: A
What is the process that writes physical address information to a disk?
A. Partitioning
B. Formatting
C. Concatenating
D. Striping

Correct Answer: B
Which topology increases connectivity within the SAN while conserving overall port utilization?
A. Partial Mesh
B. Arbitrated Loop
C. Core Edge
D. Full Mesh
Correct Answer: C
Which tool can be used to view the logical and physical topology of an MDS SAN?
A. Switch Manager
B. Device Manager
D. Fabric Manager
Correct Answer: D
What describes External DAS?
A. Host provided content addressed objects
B. Host provided data addressing
C. Array provided global access volumes
D. Array provided device management

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 23
What are the five core elements of the data center infrastructure?
A. Applications, Databases, JBOD, Networks, Storage Arrays
B. Applications, Databases, Servers/Operating Systems, SAN, JBOD
C. Applications, Databases, Servers/Operating Systems, DAS, NAS
D. Applications, Databases, Servers/Operating Systems, Networks, Storage Arrays

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 24
Which technology supports high availability of data?
A. Clustering
B. Flushing
C. Journaling
D. Caching

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
Which task is an example of monitoring the health of a data center object?
A. Viewing rates of data transmission of all disks
B. Detecting when a file system has reached critical utilization
C. Examining the operational status of a device port
D. Listing the servers attached to a particular storage array

Correct Answer: C

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