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Question: 1
Which two events cause eTrust World Agent files to be synchronized? (Choose two.)
A. Hourly
B. At startup
C. When an event is logged
D. When directed by Unicenter
E. When the Manager sends a Change Notification
Answer: B, E
Question: 2
Which three databases can be used for the Collector database? (Choose three.)
A. Oracle
B. Access
C. Paradox
D. Datacom
E. SQL Server

Answer: A, B, E
Question: 3
Which three actions does the eTrust Audit Post-Collection Utility allow you to perform? (Choose three.)
A. Prune the Collector database
B. Merge multiple table collectors
C. Archive audit data older than 30 days
D. Create digital signatures on selected events
E. Create queries based on event-specific fields
Answer: A, D, E
Question: 4
What are two functions of eTrust Audit Services? (Choose two.)
A. Call up stations
B. Identify intrusions
C. Generate action alerts
D. Collect and forward audit data
Answer: C, D
Question: 5
Which two statements concerning the eTrust SCC Portal service are true? (Choose two.)
A. It resides on the eTrust SCC server.
B. It serves as the eTrust SCC web server.
C. It resides on eTrust SCC agent machines.
D. It uses its own messaging rather than QUEs and SAF.

Answer: A, B
Question: 6
What are three parts of the eTrust Value Proposition? (Choose three.)
A. A secure foundation for on-demand computing
B. Web-based administration using Java and XML
C. Outsource security management to a single vendor
D. Complete security management from a single vendor
E. Open and flexible technology, providing investment protection

Answer: A, D, E
Question: 7
Which three types of security information management are covered by eTrust Security Command Center? (Choose three.)
A. Risk Management
B. Asset Management
C. Threat Management
D. Identity Management
E. Access Management

Answer: C, D, E
Question: 8
With respect to Product Interface Profiles, which two items reside on the eTrust SCC server? (Choose two.)
A. iGateway
B. Product Interface Component Agent
C. Product Interface Component servlet
D. Product Interface Component profiles
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