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Which of the following Aruba controllers is able to provide IEEE 802.3af? (Choose two)
A. 3200
B. 620
C. 650
D. 6000 with M3
E. 7000

Correct Answer: BC
What is the maximum number of remote APs supported by a 3600 controller?
A. 512
B. 1024
C. 128
D. 256
E. 2048

Correct Answer: A
Which dual radio access point models support concurrent operations in the 2.4Ghz band as well as the 5Ghz band? (Choose three)
A. AP-92
B. AP-93
C. AP-105
D. AP-224
E. AP-135

Correct Answer: CDE
Which of the following APs do NOT support dual radio operations? (Choose two)
A. AP 93
B. AP 105
D. AP 224
E. AP 135

Correct Answer: AC
Centralized licensing is not in use on an Aruba based network which has a Master and three local controllers. No APs terminate on the Master controller. Roles and Firewall policies need to be created and applied, hence PEF-NG license is required
On which controller should the license be installed?
A. Only the master controller since role and firewall policies are created here.
B. Only the local controllers since firewall policies are applied here
C. The master and all three local controllers D. This isn’t the correct license for this purpose, use PEF-VPN license
E. This is not needed because PEF-NG is part of base OS

Correct Answer: C
What information do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?
A. The controller’s MAC address and the feature description.
B. Controller’s MAC address and the certificate number
C. Controller’s Serial Number and the feature description
D. Controller’s Serial Number and the certificate number
E. Controller’s MAC address and Serial Number

Correct Answer: D
What are the PEF-NG license limits based on?
A. Number of APs
B. One license per controller
C. Number of users
D. Number of local controllers
E. Master Controller total user count

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following licenses are consumed by Mesh APs advertising an SSIDs?
A. AP license
B. Mesh license
C. PEF-V license
D. No license is required
E. RAP License
Correct Answer: A
The permanent licenses on the controller will be deleted with the use of which command?
A. Delete license
B. Write erase
C. Licenses cannot be deleted once activated
D. Write erase all
E. Reboot delete all

Correct Answer: D
A network administrator wants to terminate VPN sessions on a local controller in the DMZ. Which statement is true about the PEF-VPN license?
A. It is only applied to the master controller
B. It is only applied to the DMZ controller.
C. It is based on the number of APs
D. One license is needed on the master and the DMZ local
E. It is distributed by the license server as needed

Correct Answer: D
What is the best practice regarding licensing for a backup master to support Master Redundancy in a network without centralized licensing?
A. Backup master only requires the AP license
B. Supported limits and installed licenses should be the same on primary master and backup Master
C. Licenses are pushed from the primary to the backup Master along with the configuration
D. The Backup Master does not require licenses to support master redundancy
E. On the backup only one license of each type is needed.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following licenses can be included in the licensing pool for centralized licensing? (Choose three)
A. Factory default licenses
B. PEFNG license
C. Evaluation licenses
D. RFProtect license
E. PEFV license

Correct Answer: BCD
By default Centralized licensing messages between master controllers are sent _______________.
A. In the clear unencrypted
B. Using CPSec
C. Using IPSec site to site VPN tunnels
D. Encrypted using GRE

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following will occur if a master license server fails with no standby server present? (Choose two)
A. Local controllers licenses will continue to be valid for 30 days
B. Local controllers will immediately remove all installed licenses
C. No licenses will be sent to any new controllers that come online
D. All licenses go back into the pool for redistribution
E. A Local Controller elects itself master license server
Correct Answer: AC
Which may be applied directly to an VLAN interface? (Choose three)
A. Access List (ACL)
B. Firewall Policy
C. Roles
D. AAA profiles
E. RF Plan Map

Correct Answer: ABD
When creating a firewall rule on an Aruba controller, which parameter is optional?
A. Destination
B. Service
C. Source
D. Log
E. Action

Correct Answer: D
An administrator creates a WLAN with an unmodified default AAA profile. What is the default role the user is placed in?
A. default-logon
B. logon
C. guest-logon
D. default-ap
E. AP-Role

Correct Answer: B
What is the first role a user is given when a user associates to an open WLAN?
A. The guest post authentication role
B. The initial role in the captive portal profile
C. The role in the server group profile
D. The initial role in the AAA profile
E. The initial role in the 802.1x profile

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following could be used to set a user’s post-authentication role or VLAN association? (Choose two)
A. AAA default role for authentication method
B. Server Derivation Rule
C. Vendor Specific Attributes
D. AP Derivation Rule
E. The Global AAA profile
Correct Answer: BC
Which describe “roles” as used on Aruba Mobility Controllers? (Choose two)
A. Roles are assigned to users.
B. Roles are applied to interfaces.
C. Policies are built from roles.
D. A user can belong to only one role at a time.
E. Roles are a set of authentication rules

Correct Answer: AD

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