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Which version of Cisco Nexus Operating System became a common operating system for Cisco Nexus switches and Cisco MDS storage switches?

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Which two services define cloud networks? (Choose two.)
A. Infrastructure as a Service
B. Platform as a Service
C. Security as a Service
D. Compute as a Service
E. Tenancy as a Service
Correct Answer: AB
In which two situations should you use out-of-band management? (Choose two.)
A. when a network device fails to forward packets
B. when you require ROMMON access
C. when management applications need concurrent access to the device
D. when you require administrator access from multiple locations
E. when the control plane fails to respond

Correct Answer: AB
In which three ways does the TACACS protocol differ from RADIUS? (Choose three.)
A. TACACS usesTCP to communicate with the NAS.

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(Click the Exhibit Button below) An Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) consists of the following
Four 24-port hubs & Two 16-port switches
How many broadcast domains are on this LAN?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 32

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following best describesan Ethernet bridge?

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You are a network administrator at Certkiller . You want to configure a T1 (1,536M) FR PVC for voice and
data traffic. You do not expect voice to require more than half the bandwidth.
Which of the following would be the most sufficient FRTS configuration?

A. map-class frame-relay FRST-voice frame-relay cir 1536000 frame-relay bc 15360 frame-relay be 0 frame-relay mincir 1536000
B. map-class frame-relay FRTS-voice frame-relay cir 1536000 frame-relay bc 15360 frame-relay be 0 frame-relay mincir 768000

Correct Answer: B
You are a network administrator at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know what
is NOT a primary cause of echo in a voice network.

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Click on the calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner.
A customer is deploying an Exchange 2010 environment on an EMC VNX. There will be 30,000 mailboxes distributed across mailbox servers within a DAG (database availability group) that maintains three database copies. Each user sends approximately 350 messages per day. The customer wants to use 600 GB 15K drives in a RAID 5 group. How many spindles are needed to support the performance required for thisExchange environment?

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During the installation of a VNX gateway system you are loading the VNX OE for File software and the console prompts you for the Control Station IP settings used by the internal network to manage the DME. What action should you take?
A. In a separate console session, perform a ping operation to prevent duplicate IP addressing.
B. Configure the internal Control Station networking to obtain its IP addressing from BOOTP.
C. Accept the default settings unless they conflict with the Control Station public network addressing.

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Which statement is correct about the _RV.INFO.RVCM.DELIVERY.CONFIRM.subject advisory?
A. A listener sends this advisory to confirm receipt of a certified message.
B. The sender presents this advisory after deleting the message from itsledger.

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When using TIBCO EMS message selectors in client applications, which two are valid performance considerations? (Choose two.)
A. Server performance can be negatively impacted when message selectors are used.

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Which two statements are correct about default MPLS behavior on Junos devices? (Choose two.)
A. The MPLS label is popped by the penultimate router.
B. The MPLS label is popped by the ultimate router.
C. The MPLS label is pushed by the ingress router.
D. The MPLS label is swapped by the ingress router.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 64
Which two statements regarding the MPLS label information base are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The MPLS label information base is stored in the inet.3 table.