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Which two components are part of the Vblock. System infrastructure? (Choose two)
A. Network switches
B. Production application software
C. Storage array
D. Database software
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 2
Which management software is used to administer physical blade servers on VCE Vblock. Systems?
B. Unisphere

D. vCenter
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3
Which network configuration is often used to isolate network traffic?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 4
What is the set of configured disks used to safe guard data accessed by thin devices?
A. storage pool
B. server pool
C. MAC address pool
D. UUID pool

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
Which document is used to validate latest Vblock. System firmware and software level compliance?
A. Administration Guide
B. Architecture Guide
C. Release Certification Matrix
D. Logical Configuration Survey

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6
Which Vblock. System logs are sent to this server to facilitate reporting alerts and troubleshooting?
A. syslog server
B. vCenter server
C. Unisphere server
D. SQL server

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 7
What is the UCSM concept that confirms associated blade server hardware has the required configuration?
A. Templates
B. Service profiles
C. Resource pools
D. Server pools

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
Which protocol is used to provide block storage connectivity in a Vblock. System 200?

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
What are three supported disk types for a Vblock. System 720? (Choose three)

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 10
A customer wants to take an existing VCE Vblock. System compliance policy and tailor it to their environment. Which element manager would you recommend?
A. VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations

C. Unisphere
D. vCenter
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11
You are managing a Vblock. System and have been asked to prove the Vblock. System is using the most recent firmware version across all components in their environment.
Which VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations feature would you use to accomplish this task?
A. Health Monitor
B. Compliance Checker
C. System Library
D. Adapter for vCenter Operations Manager

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
Which management application is used to discover the Cisco MDS switches in the network?
C. Unisphere

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
An existing customer wants to add external IP addresses to its management pool. Which element manager would you recommend?
A. Data Center Network Manager
B. Unisphere
C. VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 14
A new Vblock. System 720 customer is interested in managing initiator groups and monitoring virtual provisioning.
Which element manager would you recommend?
A. VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations
B. Unisphere

D. Data Center Network Manager
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
What is the MTU size for an VMware vSphere ESXi host network adapter using NFS?
A. 1500
B. 5000

C. 9000
D. 9216
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 16
A test group no longer needs test resources allocated within the Vblock. System 340. You decommission the resources and delete their specific VLAN on the Nexus 5548 switch. What happens to the ports associated to that VLAN?
A. The ports are up but suspended.
B. The ports continue to forward traffic.
C. The ports are shut down and no traffic flows.
D. The system deletes all the VLAN-to-port mapping for that VLAN.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
What information is needed to configure the VSM-to-vCenter communication (SVS connection) for a Nexus 1000V? (Choose two)
A. The data center name in the vCenter server
B. The vCenter server IP address/FQDN
C. The control and packet VLAN Port Group name
D. The UUID of the physical server running VMware ESXi

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 18
You are performing storage administration on a Vblock. System 340 and the virtualization administrator requires two block stores and two file stores. What are the underlying protocols used for the data stores? (Choose two)
Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 19
You have a Vblock. System 340 in a unified network configuration and you need to provide connectivity for file and block storage. Which component would you use to provide connectivity between the server and the storage resources?
A. MDS 9100 switches
B. Nexus 5500 switches
C. VNX Data Mover
D. VNX Storage Processors

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20
Which two VLANs should be configured as a Nexus 1000V VLAN in a Vblock. System? (Choose two)
A. packet VLAN
B. data VLANs
C. private VLAN
D. control VLAN

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 21
While managing a Vblock. System 720, you need to configure connectivity between the storage and a spare blade.
In addition to the zone name and the FC alias, what are three requirements to create the initial zone? (Choose three)
A. WWPN of the storage processor
C. WWPN of the front-end director

Correct Answer: BCE QUESTION 22
What is the requirement for VLAN setup in a UCS environment?
A. LAN and FCoE VLANs must have different IDs.
B. VLANs with IDs from 0-1024 are reserved and cannot be used.
C. VLANs must be created in parallel on each fabric with identical VLAN IDs.
D. VLAN IDs must be unique to each fabric.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 23
What is the EMC-defined best practice for LUN ownership across storage processors on a Vblock. System 340?
A. Dedicate SP ownership; even numbered blade server LUNs are owned by SP A and odd numbered blade server LUNs are owned by SP B.
B. Dedicate SP ownership; odd numbered blade server LUNs are owned by SP A and even numbered blade server LUNs are owned by SP B.
C. Alternate SP ownership; even numbered LUNs are owned by SP A and odd numbered LUNs are owned by SP B.
D. Alternate SP ownership; odd numbered LUNs are owned by SP A and even numbered LUNs are owned by SP B.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 24
Your VMware administrator is asked to assign more storage to a virtual machine but does not have sufficient capacity available on the existing data stores.
Which three steps would you perform to assign the requested storage? (Choose three)
A. Create a data LUN on the storage array.
B. Create a new data storage pool on the storage array.
C. Assign a data LUN to the ESXi host groups.
D. Assign a new data storage pool to the ESXi host groups.
E. Rescan storage and create a new data store.

Correct Answer: ACE QUESTION 25
A business user is deploying a new application on a virtual machine and requires this application to be isolated from the rest of the network due to compliance requirements. Your security team will implement a firewall and requires you to set up a dedicated network.
Which three tasks are part of the configuration steps? (Choose three)
A. Add the VLAN to the appropriate service profile.
B. Add the VLAN to the appropriate System Policy.
C. Create the VLAN on the Fabric Interconnect.
D. Create the VLAN on the VMware NSX virtual switch.
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