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Vendor: Oracle
Certifications: Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service
Exam Code: 1Z0-1083-22
Exam Name: Oracle Narrative Reporting 2022 Implementation Professional
Exam Language: English
Exam Duration: 90 mint
Exam Format: MCQs
Exam Price: $245
Number of Questions: 55
Passing Score: 62%

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Looking for Updated 1Z0-1083-22 Exam Questions [2023]?

New Questions 1

Which two are use cases for Management Reporting?

A. Creating drill-through analyses using rich visualizations
B. Creating statutory reports withXBRL Support
C. Creating reports with narrative reporting
D. Creating a book of static reports.
E. Creating static reports against an on-premise Hyperion Planning data source
F. Creating static reports against a Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS) data source

Correct Answer: AB

New Questions 2

Which two file formats are supported by Management Reporting?

A. .des
C. Excel
E. .epr

Correct Answer: CD

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/eprcs_common/ADEPR/ADEPR.pdf

New Questions 3

What is the correct sequence of steps for adding Management Reporting embedded content to a report package?

A. Open the doclet, check out the doclet, embed the management reporting content, upload and Check in the revised
B. Open the doclet, check out the doclet, within Smart view use the Report Settings Smart view shared connection to
import the management report, upload and check in the revised doclet
C. Open the management report in the web interface, export it to excel, checkout the doclet, copy and paste the Excel
exportto the doclet, upload and check in the revised doclet
D. Open both the management reporting reference doclet and the regular doclet, check out the regular doclet, copy and
paste the management report, upload and check in the revised doclet

Correct Answer: A

New Questions 4

When you update values in the reference doclet, how do you update the embedded content in a doclet?

A. Inspect Embedded Content.
B. Approve the Doclet.
C. Start the Review Phase.
D. Submit the Doclet.
E. Open or Refresh the Doclet.

Correct Answer: B

New Questions 5

If you want to add a logo to your Dockets, where would you make this update?

A. Author Phase
B. Report Package
C. Style Sample
D. Design Phase
E. Format Grid

Correct Answer: B

New Questions 6

In the sign-off phase, what two can the report signers do to the Final Report?

A. Sign off the Final Report
B. Unlock the Final Report and make Changes
C. Reject the Final Report
D. Approve the Final Report

Correct Answer: AC


New Questions 7

Which of the following is a snapshot of the Report Package when you create this, the system renders
All the checked-in versions of the Dockets into a draft version of the report?

A. Reference Doclet
B. Review Instance
C. Review Phase
D. Review Cycle

Correct Answer: B

https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/eprcs_common/MRPRO/managing_the_review_phase _106336.htm#MRPROGUID-0CF6217E-D109-4E34-953A-952339F416FE

New Questions 8

Your package details are finalized for the month. What steps would you take to ensure no updates are made to the

A. Approve Content
B. Lock Content
C. Signoff Content
D. Remove Security
E. Remove doclet

Correct Answer: A

New Questions 9

For which three Items can management Reporting text functions be used?

A. Column
C. Text box
D. Row
E. Chart

Correct Answer: ACD


New Questions 10

When creating a ManagementReporting data source connection to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), which syntax is
correct for the server name field?

A. [The OAC IP address]:[accessing port]
B. The OAC URL ending in /essbase
C. The OAC URL ending in /essbase:[accessing port]
D. The OACIP address

Correct Answer: D

New Questions 11

What are the three phases of Report Development, in the correct sequence?

A. Author, Sign-Off, Review
B. Author, Review, Sign-Off
C. Author, Review, Approve
D. Author, Approve, Sign-off

Correct Answer: B

https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/eprcs_common/ADEPR/report_package_components_ 155597.htm#ADEPRGUID-63610250-83BB-4049-880A-CE7A743520FA

New Questions 12

Which four steps must be performed before data can be loaded into a Custom Application?

A. Name the Application
B. Apply Security
C. Validate the Application
D. Load Dimension Members
E. Create Dimension(s)and Add Model(s) to dimensions
F. Deploy the Models and Dimensions

Correct Answer: CDEF

New Questions 13

When creating the management report reference doclet, it\’s essential to take advantage of which feature to reduce
report package maintenance?

A. Static Variables
B. Reference Variables
C. Auto Update Variables on the Report POV
D. storing the affected reference doclet within My Library

Correct Answer: B


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