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Question: 1
Given the following decision table: Which of the following test cases and expected results is VALID?

A. 23 year old in insurance class A Premium is 0 and excess is ,500.
B. 51 year old in insurance class C Premium is 0 and excess is 00.
C. 31 year old in insurance class B Premium is 0 and excess is ,500.
D. 43 year old in insurance class C Premium is 0 and excess is ,000.

Answer: A
Question: 2
When should configuration management procedures be implemented?
A. During test planning.
B. During test analysis.
C. During test execution.
D. When evaluating exit criteria

Answer: A
Question: 3
Which of the following are characteristic of regression testing
i) Regression testing is run ONLY once ii) Regression testing is used after fixes have been made iii) Regression testing is often automated iv) Regression tests need not be maintained
A. ii, iv.
B. ii, iii.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. iii.
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Exam Name: ISEB ISTQB Certificate in Software Testing
Exam Type: ISEB
Exam Code: BH0-004 Total Questions 42
Answer: B
Question: 4
A wholesaler sells printer cartridges. The minimum order quantity is 5. There is a 20% discount for orders of 100 or more printer cartridges. You have been asked to prepare test cases using various values for the number of printer cartridges ordered. Which of the following groups contain three test inputs that would be generated using Boundary Value Analysis?
A. 5, 6, 20
B. 4, 5, 80.
C. 4, 5, 99.
D. 1, 20, 100.

Answer: C
Question: 5
Which of the following activities should be performed during the selection and implementation of a
testing tool? i) Investigate the organisation test process.

i) Investigate the organisation’s test process.
ii) Conduct a proof of concept.
iii) Implement the selected tool on a project behind schedule to save time.
iv) Identify coaching and mentoring requirements for the use of the selected tool.

A. i, ii, iii.
B. ii, iii, iv.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. i, ii, iv.

Answer: D
Question: 6
What is the MAIN benefit of designing tests early in the life cycle?
A. It is cheaper than designing tests during the test phases.
B. It helps prevent defects from being introduced into the code.
C. Tests designed early are more effective than tests designed later.
D. It saves time during the testing phases when testers are busy.
Answer: B
Question: 7
Which of the following benefits are MOST likely to be achieved by using test tools?

i) Easy to access information about tests and testing.
ii) Reduced maintenance of testware.
iii) Easy and cheap to implement.
iv) Greater consistency of tests.

A. ii and iv
B. ii and iii
C. i and iv
D. i and iii
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Exam Name: ISEB ISTQB Certificate in Software Testing
Exam Type: ISEB
Exam Code: BH0-004 Total Questions 42
Answer: C
Question: 8
What is the KEY difference between preventative and reactive approaches to testing?
A. Preventative tests and reactive tests are designed as early as possible.
B. Preventative tests are designed early; reactive tests are designed after the software has been produced.
C. Preventative testing is always analytical; reactive testing is always heuristic.
D. Preventative tests are designed after the software has been produced; reactive tests are designed early in response to review comments.

Answer: B
Question: 9
What is the purpose of exit criteria?
A. To define when a test level is complete.
B. To determine when a test has completed.
C. To identify when a software system should be retired.
D. To determine whether a test has passed.

Answer: A
Question: 10
What determines the level of risk?
A. The cost of dealing with an adverse event if it occurs.
B. The probability that an adverse event will occur.
C. The amount of testing planned before release of a system.
D. The likelihood of an adverse event and the impact of the event.
Answer: D
Question: 11
Given the following state transition table Which of the test cases below will cover the following series of state transitions? S1 S0 S1 S2 S0

A. D, A, B, C.
B. A, B, C, D.
C. D, A, B.
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