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Which router would you recommend for a large campus that requires the highest performance?
A. HP MSR930 Series
B. HP MSR2000 Series
C. HP HSR6600 Router Series
D. HP HSR6800 Router Series

Correct Answer: D
A company needs a data center network solution that isolates different departments’ traffic completely to maintain regulatory compliance. It also needs to save space and purchase as few physical switches as possible. Which HP FlexFabric switch technology meets these needs?
A. HP Multitenant Device Context (MDC)
B. HP Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
C. HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric
D. HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)

Correct Answer: A
HP Intelligent Management Centers (IMC’s) Intelligent Configuration Center and Access Control List (ACL) Manager align with which FCAPS category?
A. Performance
B. Fault
C. Accounting
D. Configuration

Correct Answer: B
A customer wants to implement a network access control solution to ensure that only devices which meet company policies are allowed to access the network.
Which HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) modules should you recommend?
A. Branch Intelligent Management System (BIMS) and Service Health Manager
B. User Access Management (UAM) and Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD)
C. User Behavior Analyzer (UBA) and Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD)
D. User Behavior Analyzer (UBA) and Intelligent Analysis Reporter

Correct Answer: B
Which switch series supports meshed stacking, a feature that is similar to Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)?
A. HP 3500 Switch Series
B. HP 3800 Switch Series
C. HP 5400 21 Switch Series
D. HP 5500 HI Switch Series

Correct Answer: B
A CTO tells you about a recent problem his company experienced because a network administrator entered a CLI command incorrectly. Which HP innovations would interest this customer? (Select two.)
A. HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
B. HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)
C. HP Virtual Applications Network
D. HP Unified Communications
E. HP open standards initiatives
Correct Answer: BC
Which feature has helped HP become a top visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data center networking’?
A. OpenFlow ready switches and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions
B. Innovative Layer 3 routing technologies integrated across the data center portfolio
C. Dynamic Virtual Private Networks (DVPNs) that embed security in every server communication
D. Seamless and secure solutions for bring your own device (BYOD)
Correct Answer: A
A company needs a high-density switch for a branch office. Which switch solution would you recommend?
A. HP 2530 switch
B. Five HP 2620 switches configured in a meshed stack
C. HP 5400 ZL switch
D. HP 11900 switch

Correct Answer: C
What is a benefit of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the decoupling of the control and forwarding planes?
A. An SDN Controller can automatically install software updates on network devices without administrator interaction.
B. The network infrastructure is isolated from the applications running on it, which prevents compatibility issues.
C. Customers no longer need to obtain high quality hardware for network infrastructure devices.
D. Network status and capabilities are exposed to applications, which can request services from the network.

Correct Answer: D
What is HP developing to enhance Microsoft Lync Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions?
A. HP is providing Lync-optimized IP phones, as well as Lync-optimized virtual switches and Lync-optimized physical switches for an end-to-end solution.
B. HP is creating an HP Software-Defined Networking (SDN) application that will be able to use information from Lync to set up prioritized paths for Lync sessions.
C. HP is integrating Unified Wired-WLAN controllers with Lync servers so the controllers can learn which traffic the access points (APs) should prioritize for voice streams.
D. HP is integrating wireless access points (APs) with Lync servers so that APs can learn which traffic they should prioritize for voice streams.

Correct Answer: A
Which 802.11n features does the MSM460 AP support? (Select two.)
A. Operation in the 4G frequency band
B. Band steering
C. Request to send/clear to send (RTS/CTS)
D. Beam forming
E. Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO)

Correct Answer: BE
Which care support package is designed to prevent problems before they occur and features reporting from HP technology experts?
A. HP Data Center Care
B. HP Proactive Care
C. HP Foundation Care
D. HP Solution Care

Correct Answer: B
What is a benefit of the HP 4100 Series IP phones for Microsoft Lync?
A. The phones push virtual voice traffic through the connected physical switch, making that traffic visible for compliance purposes.
B. The phones support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Link Layer Discovery Protocol Media Endpoint Detection (LLDP-MED) for a plug-and-play solution.
C. The phones support OpenFlow, enabling them to integrate with an HP Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution.
D. HP offers a lifetime warranty for the IP phones, including hardware replacement and software updates.

Correct Answer: B
Which statement describes a capability of the Virtual Application Networks (VAN) Resource Automation Manager?
A. It provides rapid, policy-based resource provisioning from the edge to the core.
B. It securely extends the Intelligent Management Center (IMC) core platform to remote sites by deploying remote agents.
C. It inventories endpoints and ensures that they comply with network policies.
D. It automatically deploys software updates to network infrastructure devices.
Correct Answer: B
Which benefits does the HP Branch Intelligent Management Systems (BIMS) provide? (Select two.)
A. Allows companies to deploy APs at a remote location and apply preconfigured settings.
B. Allows companies to deploy routers at a remote location and apply preconfigured settings.
C. Provides a Network Access Control (NAC) solution for a branch office.
D. Provides a firewall and perimeter security features for branch offices.
E. Allows remote management of WAN equipment at a branch office.

Correct Answer: CE
The HP Open Architecture Platform (OAP) supports trusted applications such as Riverbed Virtual Steelhead and VMware vSphere. Which HP infrastructure device supports OAP?
A. HP MSR Router series
B. HP 11900 Switch series
C. HP 12900 Switch series
D. HP 8800 Router series

Correct Answer: A
What is the industry’s first data center aggregation switch to support Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL), Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), and OpenFlow 1.3?
A. HP 10500 Switch Series
B. HP 7500 Switch series
C. HP 6125 Blade Switch Series
D. HP FlexFabric 11900 Switch series

Correct Answer: D
Which features does the HP Sentinel SDN Security Application provide? (Select two.)
A. Provides user authentication services.
B. Provides content filtering to ensure that endpoints comply with industry-specific regulations.
C. Checks endpoints to ensure they comply with the company’s network security policies before the endpoints access the network.
D. Provides real-time threat characterization.
E. Protects the network from malicious traffic.

Correct Answer: CD
Why might a customer be interested in HP Intelligent Management Centers (IMC’s) extended Application Program Interfaces (eAPIs)?
A. To ensure that IMC supports its existing network infrastructure products such as Cisco switches
B. To integrate IMC’s network management capabilities into the company’s own applications
C. To support a hierarchical deployment of IMC servers that can scale to support many thousands of nodes
D. To use IMC’s application connection templates to speed the deployment of virtual machines (VMs)

Correct Answer: B
A customer wants their wireless network to provide the highest level of performance. Which standard should you suggest the customer use?
A. 802.11a
B. 802.11b
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n

Correct Answer: D
Which statement describes a capability of the HP Application Performance Manager (APM)?
A. It creates visual, comprehensive reports about monitored objects’ application health and performance.
B. It collects information about network traffic from Layer 1 through Layer 7, allowing it to characterize applications.
C. It characterizes, virtualizes, and orchestrates application deployment to reduce provisioning time.
D. It monitors the power consumption on virtual hosts and moves applications to hardware that can deliver better performance.

Correct Answer: A
What are two features of the HP Virtual Private Network (VPN) Firewall Module family? (Select two.)
A. Signature- and anomaly-based intrusion detection and prevention
B. Application of TippingPointRepDV information to the host switch’s forwarding decisions
C. Quarantining and remediation of insecure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices
D. Maintenance of traffic flow even if issues occur with the primary device
E. Built-in protection against denial-of-service (DoS) and hacking attacks
Correct Answer: DE
Which feature has helped HP become a leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for wired and wireless LAN infrastructure?
A. TippingPoint solutions, which integrate wireless and wired Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs)
B. Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which manages both wired and wireless networks
C. Dynamic Virtual Private Network (DVPN) capabilities, which extend security from the wired edge to the wireless client
D. Advanced deduplication technologies, which optimize wireless with data compression and acceleration
Correct Answer: B
Why must customers implement networks differently than they have in the past?
A. Networks are designed to support east-west traffic, rather than north-south traffic.
B. Networks are difficult and time-consuming to manage because they include too many layers, devices, and operating systems.
C. Networks are typically built on proprietary protocols, rather than open standards protocols.
D. Networks require new hardware with increased processing power to support Software- Defined Networking (SDN).
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
Which statement describes the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller?
A. The VAN SDN Controller requires HP IMC SDN Manager to communicate with OpenFlow- enabled devices.
B. The VAN SDN Controller provides open APIs, which enable third-party applications.
C. The VAN SDN Controller is available only as an appliance, which can be easily shipped to branch offices for installation.
D. The VAN SDN Controller supports traditional WAN and LAN protocols as well as OpenFlow.

Correct Answer: A
What is a critical pressure in legacy data center networks?
A. The legacy two-tier topology cannot scale out to support the large number of servers in a modern data center.
B. Servers need their network connectivity provisioned more quickly than is possible with manual CLI-based processes.
C. Legacy server hardware cannot support the virtual switches and virtual routers that virtualized hosts require.
D. Client-to-server traffic is increasing more quickly than server-to-server traffic, overburdening the network core.

Correct Answer: C
What are two benefits delivered by the HP Virtual Application Network (VAN) Software- Defined Networking (SDN) controller? (Select two.)
A. It can configure multiple switches to act as a single logical switch, which share a data plane and provide millisecond failover.
B. It has management software that provides direct insight into switches’ baseline configurations, power usage, and other network elements.
C. It provides centralized, resilient control for services such as network topology discovery and shortest path forwarding.
D. It can automatically install and manage operating systems on detected virtual machines and virtual hosts.
E. It has open application programming interfaces (APIs) that let application developers create new, innovative SDN applications.

Correct Answer: CE
Which challenges do companies face when implementing an overlay Virtual Private Network (VPN)? (Select two.)
A. The number of logical links required limits the scalability of the solution.
B. Companies must work closely with service providers to implement these VPNs.
C. The IT staff spends too much time configuring network protocols and encryption options.
D. Overlay VPN solutions are costly as compared to peer-to-peer VPNs.
E. Overlay VPNs have not been standardized, so companies must purchase proprietary solutions.

Correct Answer: AD
How does the Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Virtual Application Networks Resource Automation Manager help to ease network management?
A. It synchronizes the deployment of storage and networking resources within a data center segment.
B. It automates moving applications and data between a private data center and a public cloud solution.
C. It allows customers to create resource profiles for network settings and deploy them as needed per application.
D. It produces trend and incident reports to allow for quick resolution of IT problems and minimize downtime.
Correct Answer: BC
Which pressure does Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) make on campus LANs?
A. Supporting non-standard hardware for virtual machines (VMS)
B. Increasing energy requirements for the network infrastructure
C. Enabling the proprietary networking protocols required to support a wide range of devices
D. Providing an on boarding process while still securing the network
Correct Answer: D
Which of these customer needs is addressed by the HP Remote Site Manager (RSM) module for HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)?
A. Automating the set-up of dynamic Virtual Private Network (DVPN) tunnels
B. Authenticating branch office users to the same directory as main office users
C. Backing up data from servers at the branch office to servers at the central data center
D. Managing network infrastructure devices at branch sites, even if they are behind firewalls
Correct Answer: D
How do open standards provide value to network customers?
A. Open standards allow organizations to flatten the network architecture and move from a three- tier network to two-tier or even one-tier network.
B. Open standards increase interoperability, helping organizations migrate from a legacy network to a more flexible network architecture.
C. Open standards establish requirements for implementing converged networks, helping organizations implement cloud solutions.
D. Open standards automate network management, reducing overall management costs.
Correct Answer: D

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